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Jigsaw (2022)

'David Underdown's third Cinnamon collection ranges from the cosmic to the domestic but all characterised by acute observation and relish for the many oddities and poignancies of existence.'

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Snig (2021)

The poet snags your attention with precisely noted phrases ... as he shares encounters with birds and insects, swans, owls, lapwing; with sculptures, and stories of, say, a house whose frontage has collapsed to reveal its small secrets to the world.

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A Sense of North by David Underdown

A Sense of North (2019)

Praise for A Sense of North:


Firmly grounded poems that journey naturally from intimate family close-ups . . . to wider perspectives, longer views of what it takes to be human.

- Michael Laskey


Watchful poems . . . he is a walker. Walking, you get things by heart, very closely. And paths lead away beyond the local, into the lives of readers wherever they may be.

- David Constantine

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Time Lines by David Underdown

Time Lines (2011)

Time Lines traces an arc from coming-of-age to maturity . . . Beautifully crafted, humanely observed and with an ear for both the muscularity and lyricism of language, Time Lines is a richly rewarding debut collection.’

‘Beautiful poetry full of remembered experiences and times past. A strong link with nature enhanced by an ability to manipulate language to create sophisticated imagery.’

‘Never obscure, it turns over small pieces of common experience . . . revealing the wealth of meaning that lies within them.’

Time Lines is currently out of print though copies are available on Amazon or from a small stock held by the author. Read a review.