There are no limits to what we can experience through the power of our imaginations. This poem uses the traditions of the Old Testament psalms to ponder the complex inter-relatedness of all things.


  1. I have swarmed with locusts and in the murmurations of starlings, woken snug within the pellet of an owl, stitched tight between the bones of mice.

  2. I have followed secret runs to butcher stricken shrews and voles. My body bears stigmata from the octopus, the livid scars from razor clams.

  3. Discharged from the guts of elk I was re-formed as winged beetle and jackal. I swallowed birds whole, have been spat out by sated dogs.

  4. I was brother to plankton, and through the soft gauze of a moth’s eye mapped the desert stars. I learned the ways of sturdy tardigrades.

  5. Above salt lakes I skimmed in the gaping beaks of pelicans, on Ailsa Craig dived with gannets to snatch at silver.

  6. For we are all of the dust of stars, reborn hunter and hunted, to soar splay-winged across the moon or shadow the lonely light of angler fish.